26/07/2019: KansasFest 2019 Roundup

IIGS and gaming related KansasFest 2019 highlights. Let's go!

Marinetti v3.0b11, the TCP/IP stack of the IIGS, is available thanks to Andrew Roughan as an update from a ShrinkIt archive. Simply overwrite your old System.Setup file with b11 and reboot. Voila! Bug fixes and speed improvements, huzzah!

NetDisk and DiskBrowser has been released to compliment the updated Marinetti. With this, you can mount disk images (ProDOS order, 2image, Disk Copy v4.2) over the internet and use them within GS/OS (but not ProDOS 8). The Disk Browser part will let you directly connect with the Internet Archive to mount disk images there. Pretty sweet! Thanks be to Stephen Heumann. Be sure to check out his other awesome Marinetti apps if you've got an ethernet card for your IIGS - AFPBridge (which lets you connect to AppleTalk servers for file access) and VNCviewGS (which lets you connect to and control PCs and Macs if they have VNC enabled).

I've updated everything through Versions on my  Communication Apps 32meg volume with the very latest from Ewen Wannop, Chris Vavruksa and Stephen Heumann. Enjoy 21st century comms ability with the IIGS and an Uthernet I or II card.

Jesse Blue of Ninja Force was at the Nordlicht 2019 demo party to release the Shoddy Demo, with help from Dagen Brock. Shoddy is the new black, thanks to time pressures! Enjoy new visuals and tunes on the IIGS!

Burger Becky is to work on a IIGS specific version of Nox Archaist! Project lead Mark Lemmert has only confirmed that a boxed, IIGS version will be released after the initial Apple II, PC and Mac versions have shipped! This is exciting news for IIGS players wanting to make the most out of machines.

qkumba had time over KFest to do a whole heap of new ProDOS conversions:

Free Fall, Hyper Head, Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, Star Thief, Star Blaster, Asteroid Blaster, The Spy Strikes Back, Seafox, Aztec, The Bilestoad, Laser Bounce, Labyrinth, Kamikaze, Frogger II, Cubit, Horizon V, Galaxy Gates, Black Magic (The Apple II's answer to Ghosts 'n Goblins), Xevious, Ballblazer, Roadblock, BC's Quest for Tires (redo), Zaxxon, Alien Typhoon (redo).

and I've included them on my 32meg archive of classic 8-bit games.

But the best to classic gaming is yet to come: qkumba and 4am's year long project Total Replay includes all ProDOS conversions up until KansasFest 2019 with an awesome program selector with attract mode including screen shots and game play demos – a great screen saver! Boot and play 203 classic Apple II games without swapping a disk! On any Apple II with 64k of memory and support for 32meg ProDOS partitions (if you've got a MicroDrive Turbo, CFFA 1 or 2 or Focus Drive, you can quickly copy the 32meg disk image to a 32meg ProDOS partition like this.