10/05/2020: Last 1% of Pegasus Pascal Found. An extra 0.0.1 version found for Express

Antoine, despite not being an ORCA based IIGS developer, figured out the missing PrintMgr.pp file from Pegasus Pascal can be replaced from an ORCA install. Hoorary! Pegasus Pascal now seems to be complete, but it's still going to require a brave soul to test it, and you'll need a full install of ORCA to do so. Disk 1 has been updated from the archive, so get the new version and overwrite your old disk 1.

Bill Scheffler wrote me with his newer version of the IIGS print spooling software Express, now at version 2.1.1. The previously highest version number held in the archive was v2.1. Thanks Bill for looking so carefully at the version numbers on WIT2GS? archives.