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30/01/2018: Clip Copy Plus Finder Extra Released

Clip Copy Plus is a new Finder Extra that could just make your day!


Finder Extra Dialogue


Ever wished the System 6 Finder would let you use copy, cut and paste for file management in the same way that Windows has allowed for years, and that Apple finally caught onto with Mac OS X around 15 years ago? Well now you can! Chris Vavruksa has dusted off his archives of in progress development from 20 years ago and has completed this Finder Extra. You can download either a SHK or 2image archive, graciously hosted by Ewen Wannop over on his site or you grab it from the 'Finder.Extras' folder of What is the Apple IIGS' collection of  System Add-ons.

22/01/2018: Christmas Gifts #2 8-bit 3.5" Disk Based Educational Software Additions

We've got some new additions for 8-bit educational software on 3.5" disk!

Antoine has found several more titles - Little Shopper's Kit and Time Liner, both by Tom Snyder Productions, The Balance in Nature by Focus Media (complete with documentation) and DLM Maths Fluency – Division Facts by DLM.

I was lucky enough to buy a boxed copy of The Playroom locally in Melbourne, so I've added a box scan for that. I also found the front of the manual for Reading & Writing with Boars was the box, so added a scan for that title as well.

21/01/2018: Patentedly Tardy Christmas Presents Not Only Late, But Fewer As Well! Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!...for last year. Where does the time go? My family, so time well spent, but it just goes so fast.

The first of my annual late Christmas gifts (now more tuncated than previous years) started with my love of arcade games which recently lead me to, but much to my surprise, there are also Apple IIGS game music rips as well! I've created a dedicated playlist using my account on the site that anyone can listen from within a modern web browser.

At time of writing, these game soundtracks have been ripped from the IIGS:

King's Quest I, II & III
The Black Cauldron
Space Quest II
Arkanoid I & II

From what I've been able to gather, the music is ripped while being emulated within MAME and whatever support it has for ‘recording' audio.

The resulting files are not straight audio recordings like mp3s, but rather the sequencing and instrument data has been collected and is emulated on the fly for playback. Alternatively, you can export tracks from as mp3s for more ‘traditional' music players.

You can play the resulting vmg tracks from the site of course, but there are also desktop and smart phone players as well.

I hope other IIGS audiophiles will use this emulation technology to record IIGS game soundtracks and other notable music and submit to It's inspiring to see so much great music recorded in this way for so many gaming and computer platforms out there.

On relatively the same subject, Dagen Brock recently discovered a SoundSmith player written in Javascript that can also allow IIGS music to be heard via a modern web browser (Chrome and Firefox Quantum are up for the task, but Safari sadly doesn't want to play ball).

The demo includes rips of music from the FTA demos Modulae, The Xmas Demo and a couple of other tracks. As a bonus, there's also an ‘FTA Tracker'. Before the FTA moved onto SoundSmith as their tracker of choice, they were developing one themselves that they used for the Nucleus demo and the Photonix I & II copy utilities.

There's lots of documentation about the project and the source is all available on github.

As part of my annual late patented Christmas gifts, it's time again to provide easy access to old news. These links will take you back, year by year, into past announcements and inclusions of content on What is the Apple IIGS? Happy exploring!