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10/05/2020: Last 1% of Pegasus Pascal Found. An extra 0.0.1 version found for Express

Antoine, despite not being an ORCA based IIGS developer, figured out the missing PrintMgr.pp file from Pegasus Pascal can be replaced from an ORCA install. Hoorary! Pegasus Pascal now seems to be complete, but it's still going to require a brave soul to test it, and you'll need a full install of ORCA to do so. Disk 1 has been updated from the archive, so get the new version and overwrite your old disk 1.

Bill Scheffler wrote me with his newer version of the IIGS print spooling software Express, now at version 2.1.1. The previously highest version number held in the archive was v2.1. Thanks Bill for looking so carefully at the version numbers on WIT2GS? archives.

18/04/2020: Pegasus Pascal Found! 99% of it Anyway

Petar Puskarich has dug deep into his personal archives to find the full version of Pegasus Pascal, which Ken Burtch used to develop his IIGS shareware games Quest for the Hoard and Treasures from Heaven, as well as his SoundSmith Jukebox app in conjunction with his PegaSoft DrawTools. Even Ken himself no longer had a copy of Pegasus Pascal, so this is a particularly lucky find because it was not on archive anywhere.

But it's not without issue – the archive was retrieved from a Shrink-It archive which extracted successfully except for a single file – "PrintMgr.pp" within the "Tool.Interface" folder. I hoped this file was part of the demo of Pegasus Pascal we did have on archive, so we could simply replace it with that, but it wasn't a part of the demo, sadly. How limiting this will be will have to come down to a soul brave enough to try playing around with it. I think it requires the ORCA shell to work as well.

Additionally, Petar has also found the official Music Studio 2.0.1 update documentation which he has scanned, which is now available alongside version 1 and version 2 manuals – download the .zip archive for the manuals to get all three.

16/02/2020: Mass Stickybear / Optimum Resource Updates

Antoine's back with a vengeance.

Being something of a fan of the efforts of Optimum Resource / Weekly Reader Software, the makers of Stickybear and Antoine's all time favourite game, Run for It!, he's been collecting more from the developer/publisher and archiving everything that hasn't been scanned or imaged before.

We've now got manuals for Sentence Fun (as well as a box scan), Stickybear Math, Stickybear Reading Comprehension, Stickybear ReadingStickybear Spellgrabber and Stickybear Typing. I've put them through Acrobat Pro to OCR them so text is completeable and conveniently searchable.

Stickybear Shapes has been completely and newly archived, including the box scan, manual and a fresh disk image with crack. I own and have scanned everything as part of the IIGS Talking Stickybear Shapes, but this 8-bit version, on 3.5" disk no less, has never been archived anywhere else before.

I've also created a dedicated archive for Rocky's Boots, which was the official 3.5" disk release (previously imaged by Antoine). At version 4.1, it could be installed to a hard drive / large ProDOS volume without any modification and is part of the beta collection of 8-bit apps that can run from a hard drive.

09/02/2020: Additions, Additions, Additions

Antoine's back! And he's been cracking!

We now have fresh cracks for Anthony Beckett's recently Applesauced disk images for:

Tales of the Arabian Nights, Read-a-Rama, Aesop's Fables and the 8-bit on 3.5" disk title Car Builder, along with a better box scan.

Antoine's also been able to source some more material himself as well:

Snoopy's Reading Machine (including the manual, packaging and disk label scans - this is the first time a copy has been found of the rare IIGS version). Antoine's also made fresh disk images (after many attempts and cleaning the magnetic media itself) with a newly working crack as well.

Your Money Matters - packaging scan and alternative disk images for v2.0f with a manual scan to come.

Geometry (which is literally a much cleaner deprotect than the FUCK crack)

Dan Chisarick's scanned in the Shadowgate manual, IIGS reference and print out certificate at the game's completion AND the official hint book! Big thanks to Dan for this and for donating some boxed IIGS titles to add to my physical collection for permanent reference.

Milliken Story Teller now has a box scan and disk labels for its Classics II add-on collection. Huge thanks to Kevin Savetz for scanning these very obscure materials after sharing photos of them in a recent haul that mostly included boxed software for other platforms. He's alright for an Atari guy ;-)

John Leake has expertly scanned Stavros Katsordoris' copy of the rather hefty TML BASIC manual after a request was made by Andrew Roughan to see it archived.


15/01/2020: Late Christmas Gifts 2: New Packaging Scans, Manuals and more to come...

Fellow Melbournite Anthony Beckett, who I've had the pleasure of meeting, has in his posession a sizeable collection of boxed Apple IIGS software, that he's been steadily archiving with an Applesauce as well as scanning packaging, manuals and all included materials for posterity.

He's been uploading to the Internet Archive, but he's happy to fill in the gaps I've been trying to find materials for for years. As part of those gaps, he's fully archived Unicorn Software's Aesop's Fables and Tales from the Arabian Nights and First Byte's First Letters & Words along with box scans and their included instructions.

For apps, Anthony's archived Independance v1.2, which was newer than what was on archive. The drivers and fonts included for this printer driver package haven't been updated themselves, but included online documentation has since been added from earlier versions, through the Seven Hills and Ewen Wannop creation Help! system, filling another gap in providing GS/OS with the same functionality as macOS System 7. This includes the new disk image, as it wasn't copy protected. Another Seven Hills title to benefit is Super Convert 4 – it now includes the manual.

Anthony's scan of the box for VCR Companion is now included in the archive (disk images and manual was already available).

Additionally, he's scanned the box for Car Builder, although it's quite damaged, along with the manual. If anyone has a better condition box for Car Builder (even if it's not the 3.5" disk version) and a scanner, an alternative scan would be great.

A disk image will have to wait for now, but Anthony's also been creating .woz files for all these archives with his Applesauce for these archives, but until they're cracked and made available in 2image or .PO format, I won't be including disk images on What is the Apple IIGS? I'm currently evaulating how to add .woz support to What is the Apple IIGS? It's increased file size's effects on bandwidth and management of another format doesn't bode well for my lack of free time. Antoine's taking a break from the Apple II at the moment, so does anyone else want to check out his earlier cracks made on similar titles for Unicorn Software, First Byte and Optimum Resource/Weekly Reader Software and try to crack from the .woz files Anthony's made available on the Internet Archive? It's a task made even more complicated by the fact no IIGS emulator yet supports .woz format, so you'll have to use 8-bit tools to sector edit the cracks. Although, a IIGS emulator that does support .woz format might be coming out real soon now. It's a brand new emulator with an eye towards being cycle accurate and providing a plethora of tools to make IIGS development easier than ever. Stay tuned.

The list for requested materials for a complete IIGS archive has been updated and I encourage everyone to check through their own collections to see if they can fill any gaps.

13/01/2020: Late Christmas Gifts 1: BOOTi & Floppy Emu Reviews

Happy New Year everybody! I'm trying to re-start my old tradition of late Christmas gifts to share, absent last year as I was simply too busy to keep up.

I received a new BOOTi card before Christmas and put it through its paces. The result is a comprehensive review of this great little card by David Mutimer and Marko Ramius.

On the subject of disk controller cards, I've also (finally) completed a long overdue review of the FloppyEmu (model B) by Steve Chamberlain.

My perspective is always around the IIGS, so see how these controller cards, along with other popular cards such as the CFFA3000 and Micro Drive Turbo, stack up.

The tradition that will not break however is accessing old news – get your links to old news across What is the Apple IIGS here: