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Posted by Alex Lee on 1 August 2008 | 2059 Comments

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At the same time as I’ve been collating and preparing the new ‘What is the Apple IIGS?’ website I’ve also been preparing a coffee table book of the same title.

My aim is that it will be the most comprehensive visual history of any Apple computer, including its dedicated software, hardware, periodicals and books, honouring the work of everyone who made the platform a joy to use.

I intend the book to be of premium quality, using my skills as a professional graphic designer. I hope that this recorded slice of Apple history will be as good, if not better than the existing books ‘Apple Design: The Work of the Apple Industrial Design Group’ and ‘Apple T Shirts’.

To give you more of an idea, this is what the book WON’T be:

1) It will include a brief introductory chapter dedicated to the 8-bit Apple II, but the book will not focus on the fact the IIGS can run 8-bit software. Covering the 8-bit Apple II would require an effort ten times that of which is already required to produce a book dedicated to IIGS specific products.

2) Too text heavy. As a coffee table book, text will be kept to a minimum with only introductions being made to different facets of the IIGS. The pictures will speak louder than words.

This is a project I have been doing in my spare time, simply because I love doing it. The book may take another 12 months, 2 years… or even longer to complete (I hope not, for my own sanity). Currently, I have no set deadline, as visual assets are still being collected then retouched within Photoshop. Such a time will come however when no more material will be collected and final layouts will be produced.

Of course, one sure fire way the book can get into everyone's hands faster is if you’re able to contribute to the site. Check out the 'You Can Help' section, or as you browse each archive, you can see which elements are missing for which you might be able to fill in.

If you’re curious about such a book, email me with your interest! This will encourage me on! Don’t think of this as a pre-order, merely your expression of interest. I’m sure I’ll take pre-orders when I know when the final book is printed and ready to ship.

- Alex

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