8-bit Games on 3.5" Disk

This section archives 8-bit Apple II games on 3.5" disk, that is, games created to run on the Apple IIe and IIc (rarely the II+) that can also run on the IIGS. This is a rare category of titles which usually released alongside the more popular 5.25" disk release. Using a single 3.5" disk is much more convenient, removing a lot of frustrating disk swapping (true for playing games on real machines and on emulators), increases speed, includes newer versions and gives better accessibility to an older type of media to make copies. Additionally, this section will also help make definitively clear which games are IIGS specific and which are not. Some users assume a game is IIGS specific if it comes on 3.5" disk, which isn't always true. This format became more popular for 8-bit programs when the Apple IIc+, with it's built in 3.5" disk drive, was released mid 1988.

The Apple IIc+ Software Directory is a collated list put together by Apple around the same time as the release of the last 8-bit Apple II model. It includes a comprehensive listing of software titles, although I'm sure errors crept in (Police Quest II for the Apple II? Can anyone confirm Sierra released their 8-bit adventure games on 3.5" disk?) and the list of course doesn't include titles released after the directory was put together. It's an interesting guide, however. If you have any of the titles listed that aren't included in this archive, please make disk images and scans of all available material, and submit them to the site so these rare titles aren't lost forever.

2400 ADAirheart (Best of Apple II Volume 1)AmazonAncient Art of WarArthur: Quest for Excalibur
Bard's Tale, Tass Times & OGREBattletechCalifornia Games (8-bit)Centauri AllianceClue: Master Detective
Dark Heart of Uukrul, TheDeath SwordDragon Wars (8-bit)Indoor SportsJourney
Knights of LegendLode Runner RevisitedMickey's Crossword Puzzle MakerNeuromancer (8-bit)Prince of Persia
Rad WarriorRampageRenegade (8-bit)Run Your Own TrainShadowforge
ShogunSpace RogueStrategic ConquestStrategic Simulations Inc. Collection 1The Ancient Art of War at Sea
The Bard's Tale IIIUltima I (8-bit Re-release)Ultima IIIWho Framed Roger Rabbit?Wings of Fury
WraithZork Zero