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RAM Requirement: 512k

Control: Keyboard and Mouse

Release Status: Abandonware

Year: 1988

Publisher: Absoft Corp.

Developers: ?

System 6 Compatible: Yes

Hard Drive Installable: Yes

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AC/BASIC had been under be nose, but for some reason, I never caught on that it needed to be archived until a recent discussion on the Apple IIGS Enthusiasts group on Facebook made light of it. Antoine, naturally had a copy of it, so imaged it and scanned the manual as well.

It's features are quite interesting, most of all, that it's Microsoft BASIC compatible, but here's a full run down:

High Performance
• Compatiblwe with Microsoft BASICs
• True 16-bit compiler
• Unlimited program size
• Unlimited data and string space size
• IEEE math or Decimal math
• 32 and 64 bit floating point support
• Constant-folding optimizations
• Dynamic arrays and 32K strings

Structured Programming Features
• Independent subprograms
• Alphanumeric labels
• Block IF... THEN constructs
• FOR...NEXT constructs
• Global variable declaration for subprograms
• WHILE...WEND loops
• CHAIN to other programs

Graphics Features
• Full WINDOW and BUTTON support
• Create custom pull-down menus
• Both 320x200 and 640x200 Super Hi-Res
• No Toolbox knowledge required
• Full color

Sound Features
• Powerful SOUND statement
• Create custom waveforms and instruments
• Music sequenced in background automatically

Options for Increased Flexibility
• "Include" files
• Batch compilation
• Programs do not require line numbers
• Supports alphanumeric labels
• Supports both sequential and random-access files
• Code is position independent and reentrant
• Support for assembly-language subroutines
• Develop stand-alone applications
• No license fee

Compile Time Options
• Compile for BCD math
• Generate error list
• Generate fulll list
• Process run-time events
• Link run-time library to object code
• Suppress default window and/or menu bar

It runs the main executable and pre-compiled applications fine from System 6.0.4, however, whenever I attempted a compile and execute, it would crash the IIGS with the error message:

Sorry, system error $1101 occured

while trying to run the next application 'Restart'

I even tried it with a shift boot loading a minimal set of extensions with the same result. This isn't unsurprising given this v1.1 was released in 1988. If anyone has newer (or older) versions, be sure to write in. This was quickly tested with Sweet 16 however, so it may be fine on real hardware given Sweet 16 is not a cycle accurate emulator.

On a plus however, the main executable and examples all run fine from a hard drive/mass storage ProDOS formatted volume.