Apple IIGS Diagnostics

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RAM Requirement: 256k

Control: Keyboard

Release Status: Abandonware

Year: 1989

Publisher: Apple Computer Inc.

Developers: ?

System 6 Compatible: Yes

Hard Drive Installable: Yes

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Official Apple IIGS Diagnostics (now including v2.2, v3.0 and v3.1 (Disks with v4.0 and v4.1 labels have been found, but the software itself still reports the newest version as v3.1. if you can provide v4.0 or later versions, if they exist, please submit them), provided for Apple dealers and technicians, includes tests for ROM checks, System Speed / Interupts, MMU / IOU, RAM, Serial Port, Disk Port, Sound circuitry, Video Pattern, Keyboard and Mouse. All tests can be run or selection of tests set to run, the results of which can be logged back to disk.

If you don't have easy access to this software, you can also use the built-in test by holding down the open-apple, option, control and reset keys down, but the built-in test won't provide detailed reports, nor will it provide certain tests.