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RAM Requirement: 128k

Control: Keyboard

Release Status: Abandonware

Year: 1989

Publisher: Infocom

Developers: Lane Roath

System 6 Compatible: No

Hard Drive Installable: No

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As a 13 year old, I would have given my right arm for a IIGS specific game where you go out and kick arse in some giant mechs, but having the 3.5" inch disk version of this 8-bit version of the game goes a long way to fulfilling that dream. The program itself actually has the option to install to a 3.5" disk, a terrific piece of forethought that I wish lazy players like me who can't stand swapping disks all the time was a feature of other 8-bit games that came on 2 or more double sided disks. Thanks be to Lane Roath, the programmer!

I haven't spent much time playing the game – unfortunately it looks like it takes a bit of effort before you can hop inside one of the FASA mechs, including managing stocks and investments in companies to keep up your cash flow for buying training and equipment! It is an in depth role playing game afterall!

Included with this archive are the parts of the manual you'll require for manual lookup protection, although I haven't come across their need yet while playing. Thanks to Mario Patino for supplying the disk image and manual scans!

One thing I've noticed is that menu selections seem to toggle through automatically in some situations - on a real IIGS, if you play the game any faster than 1 megahertz (normal speed) this seems to happen. Under emulation, it also seems to happen. I think this is related to the joystick, so check your trims as well.