Hard Pressed v1.02

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RAM Requirement: 1.25 meg RAM

Other Requirements: 2 meg RAM or more recommended

Release Status: Reclassified Freeware

Year: 1993

Publisher: Westcode Software

Developers: Andy McFadden

System 6 Compatible: Yes

Hard Drive Installable: Yes

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Screen Shot

Hard Pressed was a very welcome addition to my 40meg Vulcan hard drive. In conjunction with System 6, when used to compress files and applications, it did an admirable job of compressing them and decompressing them on fly when they were needed, effectively leaving a lot more space to save documents.

The program offers different compression techniques that vary final file sizes and how long (or short a time) it takes Hard Pressed to decompress them on the fly.

With an accelerator, Hard Pressed really does work almost totally transparently and is a genuinely useful piece of software. It's also a big improvement on its predecessor, Auto Ark, by Econ Technologies.