Micro Cookbook

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RAM Requirement: 128k

Control: Keyboard

Release Status: Abandonware

Year: 1984 - 1987

Publisher: Pinpoint Publishing

System 6 Compatible: Yes

Hard Drive Installable: Yes

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This is version 3.00 of the Micro Cookbook, now released by Pinpoint Publishing after formerly being distributed by Virtual Combinatics.

It's quite interesting to play with – it includes many recipes which list ingredients and detail cooking method. You can collate shopping lists based on recipes your interested and print them to check off when you're out buying groceries. You can edit existing recipes or add your own. It's quite similar to Paprika, a recipe app I use with my wife on iOS, with these options.

It's hard drive installable, but you'll need to set various prefix options to specific file and folder paths on a hard drive. Oddly, I found that even when running from the hard drive installed version of the app, it kept asking for the original 3.5" disk image to be placed in slot 5, drive 1, where it would save the new prefixes. In the end, I ended up copying over the contents of the 3.5" disk image AGAIN to get the settings to stick, which it did for the most part, however when wanting to make any changes to location of the separate programs, or to the printing and keyboard settings, it STILL asks for the original 3.5" disk! For the most part though, it's hard drive installable if you follow what I did.