Mind Shadow

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RAM Requirement: 1meg

Control: Keyboard

Release Status: Abandonware

Year: 1983 - 1993

Publisher: Interplay Productions

Developers: Rebecca 'Burger' Heineman

System 6 Compatible: Yes

Hard Drive Installable: Yes

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An almost totally unexpected find, although it was mentioned by the Big Red Computer Club around 1993 that Mind Shadow and Tracer Sanction would be released in IIGS formats, although they never surfaced. Rebecca 'Burger' Heineman officially released Mindshadow for the IIGS at KansasFest 2015: another very generous gift to the Apple II community.

The game itself borrows heavily from Burger Becky's original 8-bit Apple II version, including its plotted graphics, which reproduce with more resolution on the IIGS. Not present are the specially drawn 4-bit graphics of the Amiga or AtariST versions however, or the mouse based user interface, similar to that found in Tass Times in Tonetown.

But hey, we've now got more text/graphic adventure goodness to play with on our IIGS! And that involves waking up on a beach with no memory of who you are or where you are (a common theme amongst '80s adventure games like Deja Vu). Enjoy!