Music Studio v2.0

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RAM Requirement: 512k RAM

Other Requirements: MIDI Optional

Release Status: Abandonware

Year: 1987 - 1988

Publisher: Activision

Developers: Audio Light, Inc.

System 6 Compatible: Yes

Hard Drive Installable: Yes

  Download 2image Archive (3510k)

  Download the manual in PDF format (8399k)

Screen Shot

The Music Studio allows classic style notation or "painting" of notes, as well as an instrument designer and working with MIDI in and out with the appropriate third party hardware.

Petar Puskarich has recently found his copy of the previously unarchived v2.0.1 update. Addtionally, Petar remembered how to install and successfully run the Music Studio from a hard drive - include the "Waves" folder on the root directory of the volume it'll be run from. The Waves are the 64k collection of instrument data to fill the Ensonq DOC RAM.

I've installed it to the  Utilities & Aural Creative volume, in the Creative.Aural folder.

Another tip that Petar has for getting MIDI up and running, if you have an accelerator, is to turn it off during Music Studio's startup and inital setup with MIDI. You can switch your accelerator back on after that for continued use with or without MIDI. Additionally, Petar notes that he's only had success using the Apple MIDI box and not the Passport card based alternatives.

To mark the occasion of the convenience of now running Music Studio from a hard drive, I've finalised a new 32meg disk image that includes a huge amount of Music Studio tracks:

 Music Library (Music files to playback and edit with Music StudioDiversi TuneSound SmithNoiseTracker and ALF format ~16meg)

Gene Koh, who was the music contributor to SoftDisk GS and the composer for Pangea games Senseless Violence II and Cosmocade has created a huge number of tracks across all genres, some with customised instrument sets. Additonally, the French Rock and Jazz collections by Gorgor and Menace are on disk as well, which can be enjoyed from the Music Studio itself or from their self loading player and slideshow program – an early example of a IIGS demo. Be sure to install Tool 58 (included) though to hear the music!