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07/01/2005: The Lone Entry of 2005

Another year ticks over! Just a quick message to say that I'm still alive and kicking, although work on this archive isn't - but that's mainly because nobody has contributed anything in the last year!

Some worthwhile news: The Apple IIGS gets a write up in the UK mag Retro Gamer although the editor completely removed the interview with me and writer of the article Jason Walsh (note too that since originally writing this article, Retro Gamer is no longer published by Live Publishing). On the plus side, however, the magazine also includes features on games the Last Ninja and Dungeon Master and both articles make mention of the IIGS versions of each of these games - and include either screen shots or box imagery from the Fairway! Hopefully this will be a trend in future issues and the IIGS versions of games will appear alongside the more popular European systems.