Omnis 3 Database Manager

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RAM Requirement: 128k

Control: Keyboard

Release Status: Abandonware

Year: 1984

Publisher: Blythe Software

Developers: David Seaman & Paul Wright

System 6 Compatible: No

Hard Drive Installable: No

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Screen Shot

Believe it or not Omnis is STILL being sold and actively developed as of writing in 2017.

From their company website describing the latest Apple II offering:

Omnis 1, 2 and 3 were released together in April 1984 as a suite of Omnis products. Omnis 1 ("the file manager"), was intended to be an easy to use way of handling simple data, i.e. non-relational data. Omnis 2 ("the information manager"), was similar to the original Omnis but had more programmability. Omnis 3 ("the database manager") was designed for programmers and business owners to build their own customized applications. Omnis 3 was one of the first cross-platform database application tools for Apple computers and IBM compatibles running under MS-DOS.

Interesting – I wonder if any Apple II programs were developed with Omnis 3?