Police Quest

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Average Rating: 4.2 (5 people have rated this item.)

RAM Requirement: 512k RAM

Control: Keyboard, Joystick and Mouse

Release Status: Abandonware

Year: 1987

Publisher: Sierra

Developers: Jim Wall

System 6 Compatible: Yes

Hard Drive Installable: Yes

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Screen Shot

Police Quest broke new ground for Sierra's 3D Animated Adventures. You are competent young police officer Sonny Bonds, your 'quest' simply to maintain order in the town of Lytton. As the game progresses however, it becomes more than a matter of allocating fines for simple traffic offences...

The last platform that Sierra's AGI adventure scripting development tools were converted to included the addition of fantastic sound and music capabilities - but the same blocky, colourful graphics. No colour palette changes either. As a plus however, all Sierra games do run under any version of the IIGS operating system, including System 6.

As a 3D Adventure Game, you controlled your character on screen with either the mouse (click where you want your alter ego to go) the arrow keys, keypad or even a joystick. You moved your character to avoid danger, or get closer to items or people so you could interact with them. A parser is used to input commands - get, talk, give, use, show, look, etc, that follow standard English conventions: Verbs are used first, then nouns. The parser understands most things you type in and has a relatively good vocabulary that allows for synonyms.
A good way to start adventuring with each new screen is to simply type "look" or "look room" which should supply some background information to what you can already see on screen. It's then a good idea to look at the individual objects given in the information you got from "look". You can never have too much information in a Sierra 3D animated adventure.

Like most other Sierra 3D Animated Adventure games, I enjoyed Police Quest. Lots of fun. Note, however, that the game is not copy protected. This can be attributed to virtually requiring the accompanying manual to look up police procedures to solve problems in the game. Any good walkthrough you may have should be able to lead you through to the game's end however. Don't forget to check your vehicle each time you drive off!