Salvation Supreme

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RAM Requirement: 1 meg RAM

Release Status: Abandonware

Year: 1991

Publisher: Vitesse Software

Developers: Christopher Warner, Robert Morgan, Joe Jaworski, Jonah Stich

System 6 Compatible: Yes

Hard Drive Installable: Yes

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Before Salvation Supreme, Vitesse had released Salvation Bakkup (a backup utility for any kind of volume), Exorciser (A virus killer), Renaissance (A volume optimisation utility), Deliverance (a volume repair utility) and Wings (A venerable program launcher alternative to the Finder) separately.

In a sense, Salvation Supreme is the IIGS equivalent to Norton Utilities. It was the only IIGS suite of programs similar to today's diagnostic and repair utilities to follow the standard point and click interface.

A word of warning in regards to use with System 6 - I have read that Salvation Supreme, being released in the days of System 5, is unaware of the changes in System 6 and for that reason use Salvation Supreme with caution if you're using the most recent version of the IIGS operating system. Personally, I haven't had any problems using Salvation Supreme with System 6, but my own experience has been limited.

The other repair and diagnostic repair program of note for the IIGS is Prosel, created by the late Glen Bredon. Prosel may be the more feature ridden of the two utilities and updated to support to System 6, but it is less user friendly.