Skate or Die

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RAM Requirement: 512k RAM

Other Requirements: ProDOS 16 v1.0, 768K Required for Music, ROM01 (ROM03 incompatible)

Control: Joystick or Mouse

Release Status: Abandonware

Year: 1988

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developers: David Bunch, Michael Kosaka & Michelle Shelfer

System 6 Compatible: No

Hard Drive Installable: No

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Skate or Die, the classic Commodore 64 game was a very welcome addition to Apple IIGS gaming.

Similar to the Games Series released by Epyx, the player could compete with friends or practice the five different events: Half Pipe, High Jump, Downhill, the Jam and the Pool.

Half Pipe involves trying to pull off moves (hand plant, foot plant, 180, 360, rail slide etc.) trying to maximise points with only ten passes of the pipe allowed. You get bonus points for the more different moves you execute. Moves are initiated by a combination of the fire button and directional controls. On the Half Pipe, there are two darker sections, right on the curves. These are "pump" areas and pressing the fire button (the shift key for keypad control) on these sections will create a different outcome at the edge of the ramp. For instance, if you pump once and pull the joystick to the opposite direction to which you are facing, you'll execute a foot plant or if you pump twice with the same directional control you'll execute a hand plant. If you don't initiate a directional move before the top of the ramp, you can then initiate 180, 360 or 720 spins in the air. So you'll need to experiment to discover all the moves, and practice your timing to perfect them.

High Jump is again played on the Half Pipe, but it's much more simple. All you have to do is press left and right very, very quickly. Don't wait too long to get to the height you want, or you'll bomb out. Press the fire button when you're at your highest to record your score.

The next event is Downhill where you travel the course as fast as you can to beat the clock. There are several paths the player can take; where different amounts of bonus points are given for the more difficult paths. Pressing the fire button and down will make you duck, fire button and up will make you jump.

The Jam is played similarly to Downhill, but you are playing either against Lester (the computer) or a human opponent (one player takes joystick and the other keyboard) and the game area is an alleyway. There are new moves in addition to the Downhill's moves, fire button diagonal bottom, and up left or right will make you punch and kick up or down. You can knock your opponent off his board this way. Bonus points are obtained by breaking anything you can!

The last event is the pool, Skate or Die's equivalent to a duel. You play either the computer (three levels of difficulty) or against another player. You duel on your board in an empty pool and a canoe paddle is used to knock your opponent off his board. Similar moves are pulled off that are found in the half pipe, which will help in timing you to stay away from your opponent if he's got the paddle. Press the fire button when you think you're close enough to knock down your foe.

The IIGS has the best graphics of any version, the others being the C64 and PC versions and undoubtedly the best sound. Just like Epyx's Game Series, it's another fun time waster to be played with your friends.