Sound Discoveries

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RAM Requirement: 512k

Control: Mouse

Release Status: Abandonware

Year: 1991

Publisher: McMillan McGraw Hill

Developers: Bottom Line Software Developers Group

System 6 Compatible: Yes

Hard Drive Installable: No

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Sound Discoveries is another of those rare piece of IIGS software, that even after 27 years of using a IIGS, I never knew existed.

It appeared on eBay and presumably because no-one else had heard of it, Antoine Vignau, Apple II archiver extraordinaire, was the only person to bid on it...and then won it.

The program itself comes on a whooping 7 disks. Unlike most programs released in the same year of 1991, memory requirements usually exceeded 512k of RAM, but Bottom Line Software Developers Group quite sensibly used 512k as the RAM requirement, most likely in the knowledge that schools were unlikely to afford more high end IIGS systems and set the minimum system requirements low. Despite the program spanning 7 disks, they also quite sensibly separated the 7 sections of the program across each disk, no need for disk swapping and allowing teachers and students alike to focus on one disk at a time. The program itself runs very quickly, with minimal load times and features its own customised GUI - in 640 x 200 super hi-res mode no less, and only using 4 undithered colours - there's a very unique feel to this IIGS software.

The program introduces students young and old to the basic fundamentals behind music - high and low, beat and no beat, pitches, keys and rhythm.

I've placed this in the Educational Creative category, because of its strong educational ties to music theory, and of course, the creatitivity that can unlock from students, rather than placing it in the Applications, Creative Aural category.

Enjoy this super rare title and perhaps learn a little about music yourself - I intend to, as I never learnt how to play a single instrument.