Submit Photos of External Peripherals

There is no compiled list of external peripherials yet, however, simply write in and let me know what you have to offer and I’ll let you know whether it’s required or not.

More detailed instructions will come later, but suffice to say that photographs should be taken against a pure white (or as pure white as possible) background and be taken with a tripod. Photos should be taken without a flash, which will require long exposures (hence the need for the tripod).

If you’ve had some photography experience and are willing to spend some time photographing external peripherals, gimme a holler and perhaps we can nut out a standardised way of photographing external peripherals.

If you're intending to submit more than one scan, archive them together as a .zip file and upload that single file. Please be patient after pressing the submit button; as an example, it may take 2 or 3 minutes to upload 5 megabytes of data. Upon successful completion of the upload, the site will give you a 'Thank You' message for confirmation.