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RAM Requirement: 512k RAM

Control: Mouse and Keyboard

Release Status: Abandonware

Year: 1988

Publisher: Spectrum Holobyte

Developers: Roland Gustafsson, Sean Barger & Dan Geisler

System 6 Compatible: Yes

Hard Drive Installable: Yes

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Screen Shot

Tetris was released for the Apple IIGS in 1988, the original classic first being brought out in the U.S.A. by Spectrum Holobyte.

Does this game need any explanation? Move the coloured blocks so they fit together, damnit! Use 'J' to move a piece to the left, 'K' to rotate a piece, 'L' to move a piece to the right and 'N' or space bar to drop a piece.

Perhaps not as intense as DuelTris, the original Tetris allows you to go at your own pace, with many different levels of difficulty and options to increase challenge. The imagery provided for each level nicely adds depth to the game, as does the music. Don't let your mum, sister or girlfriend near it: apparently Tetris is played and enjoyed more by women than men, and they spend many, many more hours playing it!