Ultima VI

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RAM Requirement:

Release Status: Unreleased

Year: 1990

Publisher: Origin

Developers: Richard Garriot et al

System 6 Compatible: No

Hard Drive Installable: No

Ultima VI was slated for release on the IIGS, instructions appearing in the manual for the game for use on the IIGS and the rumour that Richard Garriot (Lord British) wanted to continue to support the platform that spawned all the previous Ultima games. Word has it the IIGS version was scrapped due to the shrinking market of the Apple II, but if you have any information (or a working version of the game for the IIGS) be sure to write in.

We've got some answers regarding a potential Ultima VI for the IIGS...and it doesn't look good. Antoine Vignau asked gaming industry heavyweight John Romero (who started on the Apple II and hit the bigtime with Wolf3D, Doom and Quake 1 at id Software) what was going on at Origin back in the late 80s, being an employee there. After some speculation, including sales and creative reasons, John asked Richard Garriot himself and got this reply:

"I just spoke with Richard Garriott about your question and he said Origin switched to PC purely for sales reasons. So, the rumor I heard wasn't true about the EGA graphics swaying him. He says they didn't even think about starting on the Apple II for Ultima VI because he already had the start of the awesome PC dev team with Herman Miller as their graphics tech guy, and the PC was stomping Apple. He said they did port U6 to many platforms, but not again with Ultima 7 and beyond."

So it looks like Ultima VI was never really seriously considered for the IIGS.