Wheel of Fortune

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RAM Requirement: 512k

Control: Mouse

Release Status: Freeware

Year: 1988

Publisher: N/A

Developers: Edward Rambeau

System 6 Compatible: No

Hard Drive Installable: No

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Another great find, and amazing I've not come across it until 2013, is this IIGS specific FREEWARE version of Wheel of Fortune. My imagination would usually get the better of me reading the summaries of programs appearing in the single column adverts for Public Domain Exchange listings in Apple II magazines, but I always thought the description for Wheel of Fortune sounded cool. And you know what...it is! It includes fantastic graphics and sound and it all plays quite smoothly. It was created in BASIC but using all the IIGS enhancements that Iconix and Sonix provides - right down to Vanna White's constantly changing fashion thanks to clever use of multiple palettes. It even uses some elaborate border effects! Love it!

One note however is that it doesnt't run under Sweet 16 - it will always crash if you attempt to use it on the venerable OS X based emulator. Under KEGS / GSPort / ActiveGS on the other hand, it performs OK, but mouse control doesn't quite calibrate to the screen in a window. I don't believe the game can be run from System 6 either, or be hard drive installable.