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A Dream Comes True! IIGS Users Unite in Paris!

Posted 27 November 2011 | 92 Comments | » Read more...

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I loved the 1990 California Demo by Mr Z and the FTA, which told the story of their visit to California - meeting the late Joe Kohn who had sung the praises of their work in many an article, as well as meeting the Apple II development team at Apple itself. Digital Exodus' Xmas Demo of 1993 wove a similar tale, only this time it was the convergence of Apple II fans gathering for Apple Expo West 1993. Meeting some of the Apple II elite from France...over fine food and wine, lots of laughs, the occasional language hiccup, and some amazing generosity I can now weave my own tale of how simply having an interest in the Apple II means you automatically have friends all the over the world.