Math and Me

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RAM Requirement: 512k RAM

Control: Mouse and Keyboard

Release Status: Abandonware

Year: 1988

For Ages: 3 - 6

Publisher: Davidson and Associates

Developers: C.K. Haun

System 6 Compatible: No

Hard Drive Installable: No

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Screen Shot

Math and Me follows the basic structure of Math Blaster Plus, with the player entering their name on startup and then being greeted to a main menu, except that the activities included with Math and Me are better suited to youngsters aged 3 to 6.

The first category teaches basic geometry with three games to introduce kids to different shapes, their names and how to identify them.

The second category introduces numbers, specifically numbers 1 to 10, how to count and greater than and less than.

The Third category, patterns, challenges youngsters by providing incomplete patterns, made from objects or numbers, that they must finish.

Addition, the last category, introduces addition between objects and numbers.

The program itself can be played by the mouse, using the arrow keys in conjunction with the space bar to select answers or by typing in the numbers on the keyboard. The Speech provided offers aural reinforcement to the shapes and numbers displayed, a great benefit over the 8-bit Apple II version of Math and Me.

The program however would need adult supervision for it to be a real educational tool, so teachers or parents can clearly explain to the child what's required of them for each activity.

Unfortunately the program cannot be installed to a hard drive and run from System 6.