23/06/2016: Obscure Educational 8-bit titles on 3.5" Disk Added to the Archive

Leaving no stone unturned, Antoine has been able to provide some fairly obscure (read, I'm not 100% sure what these programs do) educational software that was developed for 8-bit Apple IIs, but with the convenience of being a single 3.5" disk instead of across multiple 5.25" disks.

The first title is 40,000 Selected Words, which seems be literally just that - a database of that many words that are accessed by choosing different phonetic inclusions across those words...which you can then print. Why you'd want to, I'm not sure. But I'm sure teachers could find lots of valid uses for this software.

The other title is Assist Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests, which as far as I can tell, is a way to collate test results from a standardised way of written examinations (?).

if you feel like you've mastered every other type of Apple II software out there, why not set yourself a new challenge and figure these two out! The full manuals are included to help make your quest a little easier. Antoine's also scanned the front covers and disk art for these titles.

Also, Antoine's found the short manual for Triad Venture's Hyper Stuff Collection Clip Art Plus.

Oh, and I discovered that What is the Apple IIGS? now has 1002 archive entries. Whew.