Adventure Games

The IIGS was well suited for adventuring in both the point & click and text varieties, of which there are many classics. The IIGS can also boast the best versions of Sierra's 3D adventure games based on the AGI development platform due to the added multi track music and digitised sound effects.

Beyond ZorkBlack CauldronCaptain BloodDeja VuDeja Vu 2
Dream ZoneGold RushKing's QuestKing's Quest IIKing's Quest III
King's Quest IVLeisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge LizardsLost Treasures of InfocomManhunter: New YorkMixed Up Mother Goose
NeuromancerPolice QuestQuestmaster IShadowgateSpace Quest I
Space Quest IITass Times in TonetownThird Courier, TheTransylvania IIIUninvited